My name is Ilia Kotchenkov - I am the face behind Kotchenography. I have been taking pictures since 2007 and created Kotchenography as a label for myself in 2011. Since then, Kotchenography has come a long way. My photographs have been published in National Geographic magazine, been showcased in articles, won awards, featured in media around the globe and taken me to places I would have never imagined. I've also been reknowned on the Flickr community with over 40,000 followers!

I come from a background of Graphics Design majoring in Digital Media and am currently working in advertising through TV and production. The creative industry has been my workpalce for the past 5 years and I plan to make it my home for many more years to come.

To me, Photography is a form of self expression, an escape and a passion. I use cameras for the purpose to document and create. My aim has always been to capture moments which tell a story of realness and honesty. I am not a fan of setting up shots, forcing smiles, or photoshop. I use photography to capture the beauty and the grim for exactly as they are. 


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